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          澳门威尼斯人注册网址 - 澳门威尼斯app下载报价今年9,10和12名学生有机会参加爱丁堡奖公爵。该dofe方案已成功提高了学校的学习和成绩,确保个人和社会的发展,鼓励良好的公民。该奖项是国际公认和高等教育机构和用人单位中被公认为。



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          The bronze and silver Awards Include:

          Award Commitment
          Bronze A minimum commitment of 6 months (aimed at years 9, 10 and 12 students.
          Silver A minimum commitment of 12 months (aimed at students who have already passed their Bronze Award).
          Gold 12 months based upon completion of Silver and open to anybody on their 16th birthday.

          SECTION 1 : VOLUNTEERING – To encourage service to others.  This requires that young people show a commitment to helping others, either by learning about a community service by attending an organised course, or providing service to other people in need. This should be carried out for a minimum of 3 months.  Some examples are Young Leaders at Scouts / Guides or Cadets, helping run school clubs and fund-raising. 

          SECTION 2 :  SKILLS – To encourage discovery and development of personal interests and social and practical skills. This requires young people to commit to a hobby or skill for a minimum of 3 months.  Hobbies that are already being followed can count eg : playing a musical instrument, or there are over 200 suggested skills recommended by the scheme.

          SECTION 3 : PHYSICAL RECREATION – To encourage participation and improvement in performance. Young people must undertake a minimum of 3 months participation in a physical activity. Most sporting activities will count towards this section as does dance and horse-riding.

          In addition, for Bronze an extra 3 months commitment must be added to any one of these three sections and for Silver students need to complete two sections and 6 months and one at 3 months. For Silver direct entrants students must complete one section at 12 months, one section at 6 months and one section at 3 months.  This allows for as much individual flexibility as possible.

          SECTION 4 : EXPEDITIONS – To encourage a spirit of adventure and discovery under remote supervision. In teams of between 4-7, young people are trained in camping and navigation skills under the supervision of qualified leaders. They must then complete a supervised practice journey in unfamiliar surroundings comprising approximately 15 miles walking over two days with an overnight camp. They will then be required to complete a similar assessed journey, reporting at checkpoints throughout. A qualified Assessor monitors their progress and assesses the group performance. The expedition normally take place between March and October.

          To access the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, 信息 Booklet, please click on the image below:

          DofE at Chatham Grammar

          Currently at the Academy, Year 9 take part in the Bronze Award and Year 10 and 12 students can register for the Silver and Gold Award.

          Dates for your diary

          Event Date
          Parent/Carer 信息 Evening September 2020 (date and format tbc)
          Training for Bronze and Silver Starts January 2021
          Presentation Evening for 2018/19 & 2019/20 Cohort TBC
          Parent/Carer DofE Expedition 信息 Evening March 2021
          Bronze Practice Expedition March 2021
          Bronze Assessed Expedition March 2021
          Silver Practice Expedition April 2021
          Silver Assessed Expedition May 2021
          Cooking Elective Terms 4 & 5
          First Aid Elective Terms 4 & 5

          DofE - Mental Health and Wellbeing

          The DofE Royal Trip 2020


          DofE Team at Chatham Grammar

          Miss Newington - DofE Manager CG

          Mrs Culham – DofE Manager BA

          Mr Whitehead – Senior DofE Leader, Assessor and Supervisor CG

          Mr Webster – Senior DofE Leader, Assessor and Supervisor BA

          Mr Hardman – Leader UKAT

          Mr Jefford – Leader UKAT

          Mr Obadan – Leader UKAT

          Miss Goosey – Leader UKAT

          Miss Asprey – Leader UKAT

          Rhianna Gogerly  - Leader UKAT

          Miss Dexter – Administrator CG

          Mrs Banner – Electives UKAT

          Miss Tivey – Administrator BA

          Mr Wyatt – Parent/Carer Volunteer UKAT

          Isobel –CG WoW Employee

          Emily - DofE Ambassador

          India - DofE Ambassador

          Sophie - DofE Ambassador

          Tiwa - DofE Ambassador

          Useful Documents and Forms

          Click on the below links:

          UKAT DofE Terms and Conditions

          Programme Planner - Bronze

          DofE Programme Ideas

          Programme Planner - Silver

          DofE Expedition Kit List

          Activity Log - Physical

          EDofE User Guide

          Activity Log - Skills

          Latest DofE Magazine Issue

          Country Side Code

          Expedition Foods

          Packing Your Rucksack

          Activity Log - Volunteering

          Expedition Menu Plan

          Expedition Safety Card

          Expedition Kit List Bronze

          Expedition Kit List Silver

          eDofE How To Videos

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          More 信息

          For more information visit www.dofe.org 

          联系 Us


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